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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Anything and Everything About ALKALINE ionized Water

Mini Encyclopedia of  

Reduced Water (Alkaline) 

“Drinking Alkaline Water can heal any kind of disease”
Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi
Director of Water Institute of Japan



1995,Dr.Lu Fung Chow, the director of the Medical & Biochemical Research Center of   Taiwan University, invented a new Micro-light chemical test the volume of active oxygen   in our body.  The fact of reduced water can eliminate free radical had proven by medical   science.  He tested free radical level in blood of 180 people, and injected reduced (alkaline  water) into their blood, found out 95%-65% free radical eliminated (average 75%).

What is Ionized Water? and electrolysis?
        After tap water go through E-POWER Hi-Tech Filtration System, the water become pure, clean and safe as glacial water, and then pass through powerful Electrode of Ionizer. The water will be ionized into small cluster about 5-6 molecules (from 13-16) and electrolysis to:
       2 kinds of small cluster water(ionized): 
             Negative charged Reduced (alkaline) Water,
             Positive  charged Oxidized ( acidic ) Water.
             Both two kinds of water are ionized and small cluster.


                              Filtering  ®                                   OH-                 Reduced Water
                                         Remove heavy metal                                        (alkaline water)
                                                                               (cathode)      Ca2+     Na+
    Tap Water   Removal Chlorine ®  Electrode                            Ma2+    K+
                                   Anti-bacterial ®                                                 H+        Oxidized Water
                                                                                              (acid water)       
                                                                             (Anode)         Cal -     S2  

Reduced (Alkaline) Water: 
By the process of electrolysis, the minerals in tap water, such as Calcium, Magnesium, K, Na, etc. will go to cathode. This cathodic water is abundant with H2 gas and is favorable reducdant. This is reduced (Alkaline) water for drinking and cooking.
·          Improving digestion and metabolism
·         Cleaning waste substance in blood and healing Gout.
·         Lowering blood sugar and dissolving grease, preventing diabetes and Obesity.
·         Stabilizing sugar level in blood, cleansing and softening vein, preventing Angiosclerosis, hypertension and Stroke.

4 level of Alkaline Water

1st Level       (pH 8 to pH 8.5)             low alkaline

*Suitable for beginner to drink and for keeping healthy.
*For cooking, washing, making tea and coffee, and hot 

2nd Level       (pH 8.5 to pH 9)         medium alkaline

*Suitable for beginner to drink and for keeping healthy.
*Suitable for the persons with chronic disease as 1st
*Good for children to drink. (As supplement of Calcium)

3rd  Level      (pH 9 to pH 9.5)                alkaline   
*2nd period drinks for chronic disease patient.
*Adults and seniors drink for keeping healthy and long

4th  Level      (pH 9.5 to pH 10)           high alkaline

* For patient with serious chronic disease to drink.
* Washing vegetable and fruits for eliminating chemical
   and  insecticide.
* Preventing of drunk  : drink 500cc-1000cc before  
   and  after alcohol beverage.


Remark : 1. Do not drink alkaline water with prescription medicine. (drink it after 2 – 3 hours).  2. Do not drink alkaline water when the period of using heart stimulant.

Reduced (Alkaline) Water
Healing Reactions
Drinking Alkaline Water is just like you take health food or Chinese herbal medicine, will have some healing reactions of our body. These abnormal reactions are not side effects and bad results. You do not have to be panic about it; you should know it is a normal result.  According to different condition of health, these reactions will last for different length of time. Usually, it will last for 3 to 5 days, and will disappear. Some people will last for one month or even longer. You should remember that your chronic disease is not caused by short time. Be patient to change your drinking water, and build up as a good habit. You will find out within one to two months your body will be turn out good.

Reason of reactions:

  1. The alkaline water is small cluster and negative charge with Redox capability to eliminate most poison substance and waste in our body. After we drink it, will increase your frequency of urine  and fence.
  2. Healing Reactions is caused by the function of Activated ionized Calcium in Alkaline water. It will recover our normal function from malfunction organ. The reactions are individually different from different physical condition of our body.  This will cause uncomfortable feeling and some unpleasant pain.  

The Process of Healing Reactions:

        The reactions will last for 3 to 7 days, and will disappear. Some serious reactions of uncomfortable will last for 2 to 3 days only. According to different nature of body, it will last differently.
No matter how different of reactions, but it will not make your disease become worst. Sometimes the reactions will not happen immediately, but will come out after some period of time. Sometimes the reactions will not come out all together and will come gradually as one by one, and you will feel from different part of your body. The worst of your disease, the painful and the longer of your healing reactions.  Remember that your bad health or chronicle disease is not caused by short time. You have to continue drinking alkaline water, never doubt about it.

Different Healing Reactions:

         Light reactions:
*Sleepy *dizzy   *ennui   *sore    *hard shoulder  *loose bowels with soft stool (increase times)
(Most feels pain of stomach and itches of skin and more fart)
Serious  reactions:
* Headache   *dizzy *fever  *blood pressure goes up *hard to breath * omitting
   And *lose appetite

           Others reactions:
            Most allergies, asthma, and women disease and meddle age
            malfunctions…etc. has 20 to 30% healing rate.

It is not side effects: (don’t be afraid)
When all of healing reactions disappeared, you will feel big change of your body. Your resistibility and immune systems will be stronger than before. Most diseases will be healed naturally without any medicines. You can start to drink low pH level of alkaline water (level 2). After your body get used it, you can drink more higher pH level and more volume. You should continue to drink as good habit. We believe that semi-heath and modern diseases will be disappeared from Earth. There will be no doubt that more healthy senior people will be in our society.

Drinking Alkaline Water -- Healing Reactions

Possibility of Reactions
Drowsily, sleepy, dry mouth and tongue , more fart
High acidosis
Feel excited, Insomnia ( feel much energy)
Bad Stomach
Bad smell from mouth, lung sophercasted and little fever feeling
Gastric ulcer
    Stomach pain or  grouty
    Feel like to omit,  and grouty
Bad lever
Skin itch, rashes, pimples
Tire, dry skin, constipation
Bad Gall
    Some mal digestion
Bad intestine
Dirty Blood
Red rashes, tire, dry mouth
Bad kidney
Hand and face, Vertigo, less urine or more frequency of urine
More sugar in urine will be come out,
High blood pressure
Dizzy and head
Bad traceobronchial system
Dry mouth, dizzy
More nose water,
Weak hands and legs,
Weak nerves
Headache, heavier, can not sleep
Weak and sour painful
Sour and pain
Bad Waist
Can not stretch up                        
Exercise wound
Wound part will be painful
Women disease
Menses volume changes (less or more)
Dizzy and heavier
Acid urine
Whole body sore and painful
Bad immune system
Sleepy and tire (when start to drink alkaline water)
Skin Allergy
Feel more itch of skin

Physical Reactions After Drinking Alkaline Ionizer Water
Can not sleep
acidosis body, pH value is changing       
will disappear about 3 days
Feels body tired and painful
cleaning blood vessels and nerves
will last for few days, till it naturally gone 
old waste and lack of water
Keep on drinking 3-5 days   

Cleaning poison substances
 Keep on drinking and will gone
Appetite increase and gain weight                 
Good appetite eat more and will gain weight
*Don’t eat before sleep
*Don’t eat before regular meal
*Keep good regular meals everyday
Itch skins
Cleaning poison in lever        
Keep on drinking will speed up
Improving metabolism
Will gone naturally
Whole body tire
Rebuilds cells of nutrient and Oxygen
Drinks more and help it faster
Pimples come out
Cleaning and metabolitizing
Keep body in alkalinity
No reactions
Good health, immune system stronger
Keep body in low alkalinity
Dry mouth
Eliminating poison and waste
Drink low level alkaline water
Lever and stomach fever
Drink low level and adjust to high
More urine
Acidosis and uric organ is weak
Gradually drink high level


 How to drink and become healthy?

   How To Drink
Daily Drink ( 200cc/glass)
when stomach is empty, when stomachache increasing volume
8 – 10glasses ( 200c/ glass)
Fever, headache, toothache
One glass every 10 –20 minutes
(mix some warm water, when cold weather)
8 - 10glasses
wake-up 500cc, noon 500cc and
night 500cc
8 – 10glasses
Vomiting, upset
anytime, stomach is empty
6 – 8 glasses
Bad appetite
one hour before meal or do not
drink before meal, (2-3 hours after meal is best way to drink)
3 – 4 glasses
Cold and Cough, phlegmy throat, gastrectasia
Gastrectasia drink 500cc,
Cold and cough drink warm 500cc, phlegmy throat drink before sleep
8 – 10glasses
High or Low blood pressureStomach empty or 1 hour before
Drink one hour before meal or when stomach is empty. Can dissolve cholesterol and balance pH in blood
10 +  glasses
500-600cc stomach is empty,
and 300-500cc before shower
8 – 10glasses
500cc stomach is empty, follow up by testing  sugar level, you will see the effect of water
10+    glasses
Relief of tire
Drink when seating and 500cc before bath,300cc after bath
8 – 10glasses
Heart disease, Caculus Hyperhepatia, Hypohepatia
Before breakfast when stomach is empty 500-800cc , and 500cc before sleep.
8 – 10glasses
Before breakfast when stomach is empty 500-800cc , and 500cc before sleep.
8 +     glasses
Skin disease
anytime thirsty 200cc, and use
acid water rub skins
10 – 15glasses
Drink for longer period, you should have patient, drink anytime when thirsty 200cc and
use acid water to bath ( you can gradually  reduce steroid, but do not stop immediately)                          
  10- 15glasses

Gastric and duodenal Ulcer
Wake up when stomach empty
500 cc, gradually increase after one week. You will feel little painful, but will become normal.
  10 - 15glasses

Sciatica, Arthritis, loin and lumbar bone’s pain
Wake up when stomach empty 500cc, and 500 for noon and night. You can poultice with warm water to the pain area of Arthritis.
   8 – 10glasses

Uncomfortable pregnancy and preventing abortion
Drink anytime can reduce omitting, and preventing poison infected of gestation.
4 – 6 glasses
Stop cancer cell growing
Drink anytime,  only drink alkaline water, and bring some with whenever you are out ( have to drink within 24 hours when you use container )
10 + glasses

Nervous and releasing stress
Drink anytime, drink slowly when nervous and stress
4 – 6 glasses
Drink anytime.
6 – 8 glasses
Hypersusceptible corporeity
Drink 500cc when stomach is empty
8 – 10glasses
For improving corporeity
Most uncomfortable of chronicle or malfunction will be improved by drink alkaline water, especially drink it when your stomach is empty.
10 + glasses
Any disease caused by free radical or by acidosis ( pH unbalance), will be improved and healed by drinking alkaline water. The standard drinking volume as :
  1. new born baby(younger than 6 months, can warm it)
  2. younger than 15
  3. adult

1/3  - 12 glasses

4 – 5 glasses

 6 + glasses

1.  When you wake up in the morning, drink 500cc of alkaline water  
     before the breakfast. 500cc at 10 to 11 am, and 500cc at 5pm. 
     If you drink as habit and long term, can healing most modern disease,
     build up your vigor and keep your health good.

2. The best alkaline water for drinking is pH 9.5.

3. The person has high or low blood pressure and heart disease should
    not start to drink too much.  According to the healing reactions, the
    drinking volume can be gradually increased.

4.  A standard of glass is 200cc( for above mentions)

5.  The best time to drink alkaline is before meal or stomach empty.
     Drink it as it come out from ionizer. You can make it warm but
     never make it boiling.

6. Do not drink with prescription medicine. Because alkaline water
    will dissolve the effect. You should  better drink it one hour before
     or two hours after you have medicine. ( You can drink with Chinese
     herbal medicine or nutrition. It will increase the effects of herbs )

7. The person has non-acidity disease or have to stop using Calcium,
     should consult physician. Then follow the instruction to drink.

8. The person has kidney disease, should drink it less volume and
     gradually increase according   to how much times of piss, and how
     much volume of urine.

9. Storage in container will last for 8 hours of alkalinity and negative
    charge. If seal the container and store in refrigerator without open it,
     will last for 48 hours.

Alkaline and Acid Water use for cooking and vegetables, fruits, plants

How to use
Washing and cooking rice
The Chlorine remains in tap water will destroy nutrients of rice.
We should use alkaline water to wash rice. The nutrients in rice won’t
be destroyed. The rice will be more shining and sticky, and preserve longer time.
Cooking soup
 Alkaline water is small cluster water will penetrate food and bring out the
 real  taste. If we use alkaline water to cook soup, it will be delicious and tasty.
Drinking alcohol beverages
Alkaline water can neutralize alcohol’s acid. If we drink alkaline water before we drink alcohol will prevent get drunk. We also can use alkaline water to make cocktails.  It will more flavor than before.
Milk powder
Alkaline water will supply activated Calcium, improve teeth and bone’s
Make tea and coffee
Tea will be smooth and tannin will not come out. Coffee will taste better and fragrant.
Rid of  bitter taste of vegetables and fruits
Bamboo, brake, bitter melon, and onion…etc, soak in alkaline water will rid of bitter taste, and will be taste.
Wash vegetables and fruits
eliminate toxic waste and pesticide remains.
  • keep chlorophyll’s color.
  • nutrients( vitamin C and Calcium)won’t be destroyed.
  • prolong freshness longer time.
Cooking beans
Black bean won’t lose calcium and magnesium content. Soya bean and green bean need to soak in alkaline water 30 minutes before cooking.
It will be soft and taste.
Eliminate blood spot and fishiness of meats (entrails) and lever
Soak in alkaline water 30 minutes, will eliminate blood spot and fishiness,
Preserve freshness longer period.
Shellfish soup
The meat of shellfish won’t be shrink. The soup will be tasteful and need to add lees spicy.
Stew spicy food
Will be soft, smooth, taste.
Pickle vegetable
Less acidity
Chinese herbal medicine
Cook Chinese medicine with Alkaline water increase effects.
Transmit heat  fast
It will help and save time for boil water and cooking. It will save your energy for heat.
Water for plants and flowers
Alkaline water will help growth and extend lifetime. Spray on leafs and flowers will increase color.
Remove dirty or spot on clothes
Put clothes in alkaline water for 30 minutes, then use acid water to wash it.
It will improving.
It is suitable for freshwater. Add alkaline water regularly as 1/2 portion of freshwater in aquarium will increase oxygen and prevent moss. It also eliminate germs.
Alkaline water for pet to drink will increase their immune system and antibody.

 The information contents above is for your health reference only.

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